Favorable time for a working balance

Professional aspirations and growing opportunities are only some aspects to consider when setting your goals.

Before the end of December it is convenient to review all projects done along the year, remember pending tasks, and above all, identify those activities that will be next year´s priority.

This type of analysis are common, because when a cycle ends it´s necessary to take a time to review which were the results obtained, how were  they achieved and what lessons were learned during this period, assured Doriana Faccini,  Director at Human Dimensions International, an Organizational Consulting specialized firm. To define next year purposes this expert suggests to take into account three variables that act as thread process.

  • Passion: the worker´s motivator to perform at his workplace.
  • Values: beliefs that guide actions and represent the most valuable for each employee.
  • Vision: it´s the guide that drives people to achieve their work and personal goals.

According to Mauricio López, Delima Mercer Marketing Manager, the importance of an auto analysis is to have the opportunity to discover next year´s goal paths, based on current important achievements and pending issues that weren´t achieved.

“It is very important to evaluate which were the causes, why those goals were not achieved and define if they correspond to internal or external factors in order to propose next ones”, added Mauricio López.

In this sense, another specialist asked by elempleo.com agreed that in that final revision it is useful to learn from experience and that such attitude contributes to personal growing.

“By doing a balance it is necessary to clarify all positive and negative aspects that affected daily work. This analysis allows to identify greater work and professional development impact factors” , assured José Manuel Vecino,   Job Management Vision, organizational and human management consulting enterprise, manager.

Steps to follow

However, according to experts, when conducting a balance at the end of the year it is mandatory to:

  • Be objective
  • Recognize strengths as well as opportunities for development
  • Avoid excuses
  • Find  common causes of non-fulfillment of the objectives
  • Identify main aspects to improve

As a guide to obtain better results they recommended to ask, at least the following questions:

  • Which of the goals fulfilled were reflected in the working and professional aspect?
  • Which situations impacted negatively goals fulfillment?
  • What was learned in each experience?
  • Which areas require updating or a better academic preparation?

Once you answer these questions you can make a list of activities including those that you will keep on developing, those you want to suspend and new challenges to assume.

In this way it will be possible to organize a structured plan for the next cycle, it means, next year.

Nevertheless, before proposing new projects it is convenient to finish those pending ones or at least review in which phase they are, so you can avoid work overloads or a higher non-fulfillment.

The importance of an auto-analysis

“At the moment to establish next year´s objectives it is necessary that goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and framed within a concrete time. These characteristics ease a more equable analysis of achieved goals during the evaluated period” assured Doriana Faccini from Human Dimensions International.

For Luis Salazar, coach and general director of S&S Consulting Associates, it is necessary to know the north, committing with personal and shared goals, incorporating new competences to the process, in a natural and open way.

“This self evaluation helps individuals to identify strengths, weaknesses and threats, and is also a practice that encourages continuous improvement” added this specialist.

Mauricio López assured that self knowledge allows boost competences that will improve personal development and discover what we need to diminish weaknesses.

Once you have your next year goals clear, the next step is to identify resources, materials and time supports needed to achieve them.

For example, if you pretend to improve your academic profile you may attend studies such as diplomates, masters, specializations.etc.


Nevertheless, you must analyze how much is your budget and time availability in order to select the most adecuate type of study.

Remember that eventhough December is an aproppriate time to evaluate your performance, specialists state that job development stages are also main points to estructure a professional project.

In fact, perspectives change as years pass by or due to specific situations, such as an undergraduate or postgraduate studies finishing, job change or lossing job and business creation, among other variables.

Article published at El empleo.com

December 17, 2007

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